Friday, 10 April 2020

What does WCC have in common with Arnie and Dr Who?

This is the update I hoped never to send.

The fast-changing situation with Covid-19, and patchy support for micro-businesses, has left Well Connected Canine in an unbearably difficult position.
As it stands, our only choices were to work for free, or furlough everyone.

Today, myself and Clare (the directors) made the difficult decision to furlough everyone involved with WCC as of 6pm, Friday 10th April.

The rules, as we understand them, mean that while "on furlough" we cannot conduct any of our normal business activities including online support or answering emails.

We are still waiting for confirmation on whether we can offer email support to anyone who was part-way through a pre-paid package, so for the moment that's not available either.
This means all sessions and support are paused until we can re-open or there's clearer guidance from HMRC and the government.

But....just like Arnie says

We WILL be back! And I'm so looking forward to writing to you with that news.

Please do continue to use the facebook groups to post your training updates, share cute canine pictures and generally find some joy.
For now, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Morag, Clare, Laura and Gina

Well Connected Canine

Just like the good Doctor we're going through a process of regeneration - see you on the other side!

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