Friday, 13 April 2018

Can we keep talking to you?

Sometimes I get emails and I wonder why - I'm not sure if I signed up to the list, or if I still want to hear about the latest offers on new trail running shoes or clickers.

The new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for 2018 means its going to be easier than ever to make sure we only hear from the people and companies we're actually interested in.

Since I definitely don't want to waste your time and we're moving to a shiny new email system, please tell me what you want to hear about by subscribing here:

If you don't sign up to the new email lists, that's okay.

No hard feelings.

But you won't find out about our new canine sports, exciting Sniffing School developments, or last minute social activities.

From now on, the waiting lists for classes, sessions and events are reserved for people on our mailing list. We'll only open up bookings to everyone else after you get first priority.

Sign up and tell us what to talk to you about

If we don't hear from you by 20th May 2018, we'll assume you don't want to be included and your details will be removed from our mailing lists.

Fingers crossed for a dry weekend as we're busy with Rehab and Social Club on Saturday (change of day), then a canicross race in Skipton on Sunday!
Morag and the Collie Girls

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Is it *ever* going to stop raining?

York has turned into a swamp (the joys of living on a floodplain) and I don’t think I’ll ever get rid of the mud on my floor, boots, dogs, towels...

I’ve been off in the Yorkshire Dales and Moors for the last two weekends, and it wasn’t much better there. Every path seems to be multi-tasking as a stream. As for the mud slides, well just look at the pictures!

Time out from classes has meant the chance to catch everyone up for some team CPD, and last Monday evening saw the first of our evening seminar series on Noise Fears and Phobias

Technology was on our side and we do have a recording available for anyone that missed the live session, just drop me an email to arrange payment.

Despite the weather we’re staying positive for our big move this week! On Friday we move into our new venue (Monday and Wednesday evenings) and everything kicks off on Monday 9th April. There are just a couple of last minute places left so let us know ASAP if you want in on the fun:

  • Level 1 Parkour Foundations 1 space
  • Level 2 Parkour Progressions 2 spaces
  • Agility Progressions 1 space

 Hope you’ve had a lovely long weekend, and managed to keep your dog away from all the chocolate by eating it super fast.

Morag and the Collie Girls

PS if you're a canicross addict don't forget we have a full day of paced running, warm-up and cool down routines plus safe stretching practices on Saturday 7th April

Click here to book!