Friday, 29 October 2010

November Seminars, Competitions and New Classes!


Wednesday 10th November: Fun Rally-Obedience competition starts 7.00pm
Spectators and competitors are very welcome!
Dogs should be happy to remain in cars or lie quietly on the stage area when not working.

Location is Acomb Parish Church Hall, Front Street.
£10 per competitor

Thursday 11th November: Understanding Clicker Training starts 7.00pm
A seminar looking at how best to use this training method, shaping for advanced behaviours and anything that may be puzzling you! Does your dog always sit crooked? Do they drop the item on a retrieve? Do you still have to use a lure to ensure a reliable response? This workshop will address these niggles and any questions you may have about using clicker training.

Location is Our Lady's Church Hall, Cornlands Road.
£10 per dog and handler


New Classes Enrolling

Starting on Wednesday 24th of November

Beyond the Basics - Getting Started: working on reliable recalls, confidence over obstacles, comfortable loose lead walking and more advanced training including scent detection, tracking, retrieval and more

Beyond the Basics - Rally-Obedience: if your dog knows basic cues such as sit, down, wait and come you can do Rally-O. A fun way of training your dog that includes simple competition moves and is an excellent foundation for agility.

Confidence Course: working with nervous and reactive dogs to build confidence, reduce stress and practice appropriate responses. We use clicker training, massage, TTouch and a variety of practical exercises in these sessions. Pre-course assessment required.

Starting on Thursday 18th of November

Perfect Puppies: for pups under 6 months to learn basic cues (sit, down, come when called, give back the slippers!), socialise with people and dogs and support owners who have a new family member.

Beyond the Basics - Heelwork to Music: doggy dancing and fancy tricks! Learn moves such as walk back, bow, twist, weave and jumping through your arms. We then look at how to put it all together in a routine - no dancing ability required!

Confidence Course - Individual Focus: In these classes we work with dogs who struggle to be in the same room as other dogs whether through fear or over excitement. There will be a guaranteed 15 minutes of training specifically for each dog using the stuffies or my own dogs initially, and bringing the dogs together as is most useful. Each of the other owners will also be available to act as stooges for the dog being trained. This allows owners to have more frequent sessions but costs less than private lessons.