Monday, 12 March 2018

There’s no dog poo fairy

Apparently there is no magical little creature to collect all the bags of dog poo that seem to gather on the trees, bushes and fence posts.

And if there was, I’d be encouraging him or her to take the offending bags right back to the culprit who abandoned them!

Today’s email, well more of a mini-rant, is brought to you as a frustrated dog owner who wants our canine companions to be able to come into all coffee shops, restaurants, and generally take part in our lives.

This weekend I finally got so annoyed with the level of dog poo abandonment (and general litter) on my local walk that I headed up with some rubbish bags, gloves and the collie girls for supervision.

We collected three full bags (mostly energy drink cans and dog poo, plus a large number of abandoned charity bags). It’s a start, but there’s so much still to do.

Can you help?

Would you be willing to do a small litter collection just once a month on one of your local walks?
Once we start to clear the backlog of mess, and the space looks more cared for, people are less likely to litter again.

Getting angry, frustrated or annoyed is okay.

But it needs to lead to positive action, and change!

Are you with me here?!

Morag and the Collie Supervisors

PS Special thoughts for Mandy who lost her beloved Todd last week, he truly was the original canine Womble

PPS If you live in York and want to get involved in a local meadow project why not check out the Poppy Road Project.
We’re meeting this Saturday to litter pick a community meadow and do some wildflower planting