Tuesday, 25 August 2009

New Classes in York, UK.

Bringing kind, fair and effective training classes for dogs to York!

All ages and breeds of dogs are welcome.


Acomb, York on Wednesday and Thursday evenings


All classes run for 7 weeks and cost £60 per block. If you feel your dog would benefit from an introductory assessment or some one-to-one coaching we can arrange this before you join a class! You are very welcome to come and observe a session.

Perfect Puppies

For puppies of any size or breed up to 6 months of age. This course covers learning about your pup, building a good relationship and teaching all the important skills (such as coming when called, paying attention and giving up your slippers).

Mind your Manners

This class is suitable for any breed, size or age of dog from 6 months onwards whether you have training experience or are new to the wonderful world of training your dog. We focus on building a good relationship, how you can communicate effectively with your dog and the essential life skills (recall, sit/down, walking nicely on leash, good manners around people and dogs, emergency stop….).

Beyond the Basics

Ideal as a follow-on from the puppy or manners classes, you are also very welcome to attend if you have trained elsewhere and are looking to develop further. These classes cover advanced clicker training and shaping, heelwork to music, rally-obedience, good citizen awards material and tricks – anything that’s good fun to learn with your dog really!

Confidence Course

This weekly course offers you the chance to work with your fearful, anxious, reactive or easily distracted dog in a controlled environment while learning to use TTouch and Massage Therapy alongside motivational training methods. Course topics include: creating focus and attention in easily distracted or worried dogs; dealing with sudden changes/noises/movement; relaxing in exciting environments; teaching games and coping skills; learning to read your dog’s body language accurately.


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