Thursday, 26 July 2018

Molly's Lunch n Learn plus an unexpected rescue operation!

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Every week Kady is going to share a story from her Lunch'n'Learn adventures, or a cunning idea that you can use to help reduce your dog's boredom when home alone.

If you try our ideas out, please do let us know what your dogs think of them and definitely send us some cute pictures!

Canine client: Molly the Springer Spaniel

Service: Lunch'n'Learn "Out and About"

"Molly had been recently adopted and found the world super exciting! Luckily for Molly she had a dedicated owner so I was there to continue and progress her on with a few things. 

On one particular day Molly and I had been working on calmly passing people, dogs, super scents (Molly loovvess to sniff) when came the most unexpected test of self control....

A small fledgling suddenly flew from a hedge and hit Molly in the face, then lightly plopped on the floor in front her! 

Everything in Molly’s eyes told me that bird was toast. 

I asked Molly calmly “leave it, this way” and that’s exactly what she did!!

What Molly and I didn’t know was that the clicker had drawn the attention of the builders on their dinner hour, who gave us a round of applause and came to the little birds aid. 

We didn’t stop there either. Molly showed the utmost self control all the way home. Once the front door was closed and we had finished acting like obedience champions we celebrated with a game of find the cheese.

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Rehab Club Sunday July 22nd & Tuesday July 24th

Two amazing groups this week with great progress all round – Clare, Kady and Morag are SO proud of you guys.

We always start by setting specific goals for the sessions chosen by you, and we finish up by thinking about one thing we have learned or remembered, and one thing we’re going to specifically put into practice over the next couple of weeks.

I’ve popped a summary out by email to everyone who attended, but since some of you were asking about getting a little more support to make sure you are following through on your home work I wanted to let you know about the Skype/phone support services we offer.

Behaviour change is hard – not just for our dogs, but for us too.

And good intentions are all very well, but you know as well as I do that they’re not enough!

Some of our long-term clients opt to book Skype/phone sessions to make sure they are getting regular feedback on their progress, and sticking to their agreed action plans. These sessions can be monthly, fortnightly or even weekly. 

I promise you will see faster and bigger results when you set up a regular accountability call.

You can book in with either myself (Morag) or Clare at the moment – we both have access to all the files so it doesn’t matter if we weren’t your initial behaviourist. Calls cost £25 and if you can use Skype or another online service then we also send you a recording afterwards.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

How does that make you feel?

I want you to look at these pictures and tell me how it makes you feel to look at them.

And how do you think the dog is feeling in the same images?


Last night we started the Activity & Sports Foundation Class with the hardest of exercises – engagement! Learning how much attention and focus our dogs can offer us even when we aren’t “training”, or clearly offering food or toys.

Anyone who trains with WCC knows we are all about rewarding and paying for the stuff we like in our dogs (and people!).

But it’s important not to slip into bribing our dogs to work with us.

And there’s a handy phrase that trainers sometimes use – transfer of value. It means making sure the excitement, positive feeling and joy transfers from the game/toy/food to include the handler too.

First of all, you need to find out what brings your dog joy, and be willing to unleash your inhibitions to really join in with your dog.

Emotions matter.

It’s not enough (for me) that my dog can do a specific behaviour or task. I want to see joy, enthusiasm and willingness in both of us!

So this week if you feel like a wee challenge, try filming some of your training sessions or walks. 

Watch the videos back and just observe how you, and your dog, are feeling.

Tell me how you get on!

Have a joyful week

Morag, the collie girls and the big yin

Ultra Canicross Runner, Firewalker, Clinical Animal Behaviourist

PS Don’t forget that Clare is running a one-day workshop version of our Activity & Sports Foundations programme on Sunday 9th September in York. There are still some handler places left – why not come and find out what makes your dog’s heart sing!

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