Monday, 29 October 2018

Are you preparing for the scary? Make Halloween happier for your dog!

Hello folks,

Despite all the fireworks that have been going off lately, we’ve still the excitement of Halloween to look forwards to.

In classes we use any excuse to dress up for puppy socialisation

but it’s good to remember that some dogs find it scary when their favourite humans turn into zombies!

Our top Halloween tips 

1. Think twice before dressing your dog up for Halloween – some dogs don’t mind wearing clothes but many more hate it!

2. Keep ALL the chocolate, candy and sweets well out of reach from inquisitive snoots!

3. If you don’t want trick or treaters knocking your door all night, why not print a copy of our handy sign and pop it on your gate?

4. But if your dog loves visitors coming to the door, make sure they’re on a lead or behind a baby gate for safety – York really doesn’t need a real Hound of the Baskervilles roaming the streets and stealing sweeties.

I’m so excited about sharing pictures from our Halloween themed classes later this week…

What else is going on in WCC world?

Sunday 11th Nov at 2pm Sunday Sports & Social

A relaxed informal get together where you can train your dog among friendly people, and eat lots of cake! Tell us you’re coming by clicking HERE!

Saturday 24th November 

Two half day clicker training workshops to brush up on your skills before the winter really sets in.

  • Train Your Dog Like a Dolphin for people new to clicker training
  • The Art & Science of Clicker for the pro trainers! 
Click HERE for more information

PS Are you more worried about the fireworks than Halloween tricks? 

Check out our detailed practical seminar from earlier in the year all about how to help your dog cope with scary noises

Sunday, 28 October 2018

York area canicross classes, events and workshops (Oct 2018)

Run More With Your Dog – Events Diary 

Tuesday 7pm Canicross Class 

Weekly classes in small groups working on essential skills at various locations around York.

You can still book individual classes - don't miss out on the fun of running in the dark and the mud!

Grab a Tues Cani Class

If you need to borrow kit PLEASE let us know in advance so we have everything with us.

Location (postcode)
Skills focus
Week 1
16th Oct
Heslington YO10 5EW
basics & running in the dark
Week 2
23rd Oct
Wheldrake Woods YO19 6BG
trail technique & passing
Week 3
30th Oct
Huntington YO32 9RE
consistent pulling
Week 4
6th Nov
Welburn Woods YO60 7ED
hill techniques
Week 5
13th Nov
Knavesmire YO23 1EX
race protocols, start line and sprints
Week 6
20th Nov
Heslington YO10 5EW
Commands, directions
Week 7
27th Nov
Wheldrake Woods YO19 6BG
Technique and directions on narrow trails
Week 8
4th Dec
Huntington YO32 9RE
Pace changes and building speed
Week 9
11th Dec
Clifton Ings (Rawcliffe Bar Park & Ride) YO30 5XZ
Consistency and pacing
Week 10
18th Dec
Knavesmire YO23 1EX
Mock race!

Sunday 8.30am CaniRun Social (Beningbrough Hall) 

Starts Sunday 2nd December, find out all about it on our Facebook group here: 

This isn’t a formal event, no money needed, just the chance to run regularly and grab a coffee afterwards.

You must have suitable kit and be capable of a 5k run (walking is allowed!).

Introduction to Canicross (half day workshop) Sun 25th November 

Want to really enjoy running with your dog?

Come and learn the essential skills PLUS individual kit fitting and testing

Canicross Improvers Skills Session (half day workshop) Sun 25th November 

Want to boost your teamwork?
Polish your start line skills?
Sort out your overtaking?