Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Beware the ball-throwing space invaders

Without any warning a hard rubber ball sailed over the bushes and bounced across the track in front of me yesterday.

A second later a wild-eyed grinning spaniel hurtled past in hot pursuit.

Fair enough, the owner couldn’t have known we were on the other side of the bushes.

But what happens if your dog is obsessed with chasing their ball, and you throw that ball straight at another dog/person/group of excited dogs….?

I’m going to go out on a limb and say that most people who love throwing toys for their dog just haven’t thought ahead to the chance of an argument over the ball.

Some quick tips for your walk

  1. Don’t be a dirty space-invader if you take toys on your walk with your dog. Check for other people and dogs before you launch the ball. Avoid making your dog run straight towards another dog.  
  2. If someone’s dog does run over when you’re about to use a chuck-it, don’t keep throwing the ball. Give the poor owner a chance to retrieve their wayward hound first.
  3. If your dog is obsessed with chasing or stealing balls, make sure you keep them on a long line in the danger zones, and don’t be scared to explain to other owners why you’re doing it!

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Morag and the collie girls

PS it’s your last chance to register for Monday classes (starting 5th Feb at Tockwith) so don’t delay!

Never trust Morag about distance (Canicross workshops report Jan 2018)

"Never trust Morag when she says the route is no more than 2 miles" said Laura


Sadly, you all now know that when I say the run will be about 2 miles I am in fact lying.

Sorry. Sort of.

But everyone did so very well, and I knew you could all run further than you thought…

I’m not sorry at all – you were amazing!

The Introductory and Improvers workshops on Saturday were fantastic fun to run, and the feedback has been pretty awesome too.

When I clicked the button to book myself a slot on the beginners canicross course with Well Connected Canine…I was excited and nervous all at once. From the moment I walked through the door Morag and Laura both put me at ease, they were so supportive I knew I had done the right thing. The workshop was so well run, from fitting the humans with belts and the dogs with harnesses, all carefully fitted to make sure they wouldn't cause any discomfort. Once we were all kitted up we were off...for want was supposed to be 2 miles! 3.5 miles later and I had done it! I had done what I had been dreading with the most amazing support and encouragement from the team.

I loved it, already signed up for improvers and my bank balance has decreased significantly after buying kit!

Thank you Morag for a great afternoon. Learnt loads and have already ordered Ronnie a new harness. It was great meeting everybody, looking forward to seeing you all again in Dalby.

So nice to run with people who are more than happy to just go with what their dog wants. 

Next workshops on Sunday 25th February (Wigginton)

Beginners 10am
Improvers 2pm

If you have already attended an Improver session you can skip the kit checking but we promise to challenge you and your dog with new skills and routes!

Pics from the Jan workshops

There will be a group of us from WCC at the following events:

And Morag has entered all three Furnation races with CaniX (discounted entry until 31st January) https://www.canix.co.uk/shop/index.php?_a=viewProd&productId=2919