Wednesday, 3 June 2009

New course running in York: The Confidence Course

The Confidence Course:
Training, TTouch and Bodywork to create a calm focused canine

Morag Heirs, trainer and bodyworker
Janet Finlay, trainer (APDT) and TTouch practitioner 1

This weekly course offers you the chance to work with your dog in a controlled environment. We use motivational training methods incorporating toy, food and environmental rewards alongside reward marking/clickers. We will not use harsh or aversive techniques.

**Course runs from June 11th to July 16th - we are currently fully booked**

We welcome any dogs with some basic training who are able to be in a hall with other dogs and people. If you are not sure about taking part please contact Morag or Janet to arrange an assessment.

Course Topics:
Creating focus and attention in easily distracted or worried dogs
Dealing with sudden changes/noises/movement
Relaxing in exciting environments
Teaching games and coping skills
Learning to read your dog’s body language accurately

Much of the material in this course has been adapted from Leslie McDevitt’s “Control Unleashed” programme and we strongly recommend you purchase the book (see links).

What to Bring!

  • Flat collar and/or harness (no choke chains, prong collars or stop/pull harnesses that tighten under the armpits please)
  • A plain webbing or leather lead (no chain or flexi leads please)
  • Lots of very small (pinkie nail sized) tasty, smelly treats
  • Clicker if you have one
  • Favourite toys
  • Water bowl
  • Mat or a thin blanket
  • Muzzle or head collar if you normally use these tools
  • Fabric or metal crate if your dog is accustomed to this

Some pictures from our confidence building course