Friday, 3 August 2018

Boredom Busters for the long days of summer (Lunch n Learn)

Welcome to the Lunch'n'Learn weekly update!
Every week Kady is going to share a story from her Lunch'n'Learn adventures, or a cunning idea that you can use to help reduce your dog's boredom when home alone.
If you try our ideas out, please do let us know what your dogs think of them and definitely send us some cute pictures on our Facebook Group:

The hot days of summer are still here....

A cool but rather messy boredom buster is to get your dogs favourite toys or treats and freeze them into a big block of fun.

To do this simply put your dogs favourite toys or treats into a bowl/container of watered down chicken broth, pop it in the freezer the night before and give your best friend a frozen surprise in the morning before you go!

*look for low sodium stock cubes and make sure they are well watered down before use*

For smaller dogs you can put small treats or fruit like blueberries into ice cube trays and give them  miniature cubes of fun.

In this heatwave its good to know your dog is keeping busy and cool at the same time. 

How does your dog eat theirs???
 Some dogs like to bite and chew the ice away (like Fen) 

while others (like Lana) use them as ice pops to lick. 

HEALTH & SAFETY WARNING: you will return home to a small stream – best given to dogs on laminate/tiled floors, maybe with a towel to soak up any excess but beware of slipping!
And if you've seen the scare stories about not giving your dogs iced treats, fear not. The veterinary advice is to NOT give ICE if your dog is experiencing heat stroke or a similar problem. So don't use ice to try and cool them down. Letting your dog enjoy some ice when they are NOT overheating is nothing to worry about.

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