Tuesday, 21 August 2018

Relentless follow-up with a side order of caring compassion - why you should be providing it (Love Your Business)

Do you know why clients vanish rather than replying to your emails, texts or phone calls?

Did you send out an amazing training plan, but heard nothing back?

Was the person super keen on the phone, but hasn’t actually booked their session yet?

*pssssst secret coming up*

It gets in the way – even if it’s not a major crisis. But often big stuff happens and replying to your email or call slips off the list.

And then it's been weeks since they spoke to you.

Instead of making assumptions about why that client didn’t get back to you 
(Were you too expensive? Did they not believe you could help them? Has the dog bitten someone?)
just keep following them up until you find out!

When do you stop following them up?

Well, that’s up to you. For me, if it’s a behaviour client then I’m going to follow-up until they

  • reply to tell me why they don’t want to continue
  • book the follow-up call

And after three months I send my very final closing email and text that lets them know I’ve taken them off our active client list.

Am I annoying? Maybe a little!

But it’s done with humour and kindness. 

Because I know life gets in the way, and I promised to help them and their dog.  And follow-up is one of the ways I help people.

Today’s happy follow-up story


I just came off a really positive Skype call with a behaviour client. Since I hadn’t heard from them in over two months, I wasn’t sure how it would go.

I saw them back in June 2018. We went through the usual phone consult and vet referral process. A face to face assessment was provisionally booked in but I had to chase several times by email to make sure it was all confirmed with payment.

The session was brilliant, everyone made so much progress and the dedication was clear to see. The detailed plan went out by post and email, with the link to book a follow-up call as part of the package.

Absolute silence…

My heart used to sink at times like this. 

Had something really bad happened? Were they disappointed with the session? Had I given them too much homework?

I sent out my usual follow-up reminder emails about three weeks apart (and yes, I have a template for those too!)

And then suddenly I saw they had booked a follow-up call.

Tonight, they told me that things have been going so well they were able to take their dog on holiday with them. He enjoyed visiting local shops and spending time at the seaside with his precious family – and wasn’t worrying about strangers! Even the vet had commented on the big change in the dog’s attitude and confidence.

And now we have a wee plan to work on the other problems, and I’ll chase them in a friendly way to make sure the follow-up calls get booked in.

As for the follow-up emails and texts – they loved them. Between job stress, family stuff and lots of hospital appointments it was too easy for them to lose track of things. They said thank you for the regular reminders and chases.

Can't imagine spending all that time or effort?

Did you just read this whole email thinking “yeah that’s fine for you, Morag, but I can’t afford to spend my time following up clients…..”

Really? Because that’s an important part of what we do. And it should be reflected in your pricing.

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