Monday, 13 August 2018

So what exactly do you do?

When someone asks you what your job is, how do you answer?

With a job title?

  • Dog trainer
  • Canine Behaviourist
  • Specialist canine sports instructor

With a description of what you do?

  • Do you start telling them that you train people and their dogs
  • Or that you work with scared, barky or frustrated dogs

Or do you tell them what owners and dogs get out from working with you?

  • I help people build better relationships with their dogs, and enjoy living with them again
  • Creating confident puppies who can go everywhere with their family
  • Teach dogs to love loud noises and fireworks instead of being terrified every year

You can imagine which I think is more useful, especially when we’re talking to owners, carers and potential clients!

Assuming your answer really snagged the interest of the enquirer, they should say something like “Oh wow, that sounds so interesting. How would I work with you? How can you help me and my dog [insert details here]”.

What’s your answer now?

Do you have a process that takes the owner from basic information collection through to a training or behaviour package and into being a long term client?

If you’re not sure what happens next, neither is your client!

Striking a balance between having standard packages and processes while still recognising the individuality of each case can be tricky.

Tailoring every single aspect for each client is time consuming and expensive.

Yet offering cookie-cutter style packages can leave clients feeling unheard, and poor results from too standard an approach to training.

And free initial chats, consults and assessments can lead to you giving out great information but getting few follow-on bookings.

If you want help finding processes and packages that work for you AND your clients, sign up for the next webinar on Thursday 16th August 7pm.

You can attend live, or watch the recording and download the resources for 30 days after the broadcast. Don’t forget to submit your questions in advance!

Wishing you a wonderful week of business joy


UltraCanicrosser, Firewalker, Clinical Animal Behaviourist

PS if you’re a member of the APDT, or the Penguin support group don’t forget to use your discount codes – and if that means nothing to you, don’t worry!

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