Monday, 13 August 2018

The Big Puppy Play Date (August)

Big Puppy Play Date (August) 

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to practice their play skills or build their confidence!

What we practiced

Gotcha (harness or collar grab) - a quick way to rescue your puppy or move them away

 The 3 Second Rule - initial sniffs should be brief, don't shake hands for too long!

Find It To Say Hello - using find it games is a fun way to get closer to a new playmate without losing your brain! (and just look at the delight as Rolo came away from his new friend)

Mind Your Manners - interrupt rude play and remember to go for coffee before trying to hump your new friend!

plus lots more.....

Don't forget to use the group to find play dates and set up practice sessions with each other too

We've posted up more of the pictures Ali Wood kindly took in our FaceBook group so don't forget to join if you come to WCC classes and events

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