Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Why even a great training class might not help you have a happy puppy...

It’s the time of year when our puppy classes are full to bursting, and with five puppy classes per week we see a lot of puppies!!

We really love it when people sign up to our classes because it means they’ve really thought about how to give their puppies the best possible start.

But is a puppy class enough to prevent future behaviour problems? Will coming to our puppy classes guarantee that your new family member is happy, healthy and able to enjoy life?

Honestly, no. We're just not that good.

No puppy class can work magic if your puppy didn't have a good start in life.We can help make life better, but there's no easy solution.

We've had the pleasure of helping several families choose their puppies. Finding the right litter, meeting the parents, choosing the puppy from the litter and supporting the breeder to make sure those early experiences are helpful.

Lovely Summer the flat coat is just one of those puppies some of you may have met while she stayed with Clare for some extra training.

The important stuff starts happening while your puppy is still inside it's mum's tummy!
 Here's just a few things to consider:

 Has mum been stressed or unhealthy during pregnancy?
We know that if the mother has stressful experiences  during her pregnancy, her puppies might be more worried by the world and find it harder to cope with difficult situations.

How friendly are mum and dad?
There's some research to tell us that things like fear and aggression can be inherited from the parents. So if mum or dad gets defensive around strangers, or hides away from you - beware!

What has the breeder or rescue centre been doing with the puppies?
Your puppy’s critical period of socialisation ends at around 12-14 weeks, but it starts at 3 weeks! So the carer can get your pup off to the best start by gradually introducing new experiences for your puppy as they develop. 
There are some great resources available for new owners and breeders. 

If after all that you’re still thinking about getting a new puppy, but feeling a bit overwhelmed with the information – don’t panic!

Clare’s Brain Borrowing session can help you pick the right puppy for your family, whether that’s from a breeder or a rescue centre.

Have a lovely week and we’re all hoping for cooler weather…
Morag & Clare

What’s happening in WCC land?

 Canine Activities Foundations Workshop (Sunday 9th September) 

In a world filled with so many exciting dog activities it can be difficult to know which to try first, or even which one your dog will enjoy most!  Come to our Foundations Workshop and let your dog try out three of our most exciting activities; Parkour, Agility and Scentwork!

Book your workshop here

Sports & Social Club, Sunday 19th August (2-4pm)

Free to all current WCC clients, staff and volunteers. We provide the space, equipment and tea - you bring the dogs and the cake!  Just tell us you're coming with this link to get directions and a reminder.
Tell us you’re coming!

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