Friday, 10 August 2018

When a drool covered tennis ball makes your day...

Welcome to the Lunch'n'Learn weekly update!
Every week I'll share a story from my Lunch'n'Learn adventures, or a cunning idea that you can use to help reduce your dog's boredom when home alone.

Spencer: the scaredy boy who learned to trust through Lunch'n'Learn

Spencer might be a huge German Shepherd, but inside he's still such a scaredy cat. He gets worried about people, and sometimes other dogs, so going out with a dog walker is never an option for Spencer.

Instead, Spencer has been enjoying a mixture of Home Ed sessions with me to build up his trust and confidence. I met him with his owner first of all, and we went through exactly what Spencer needed from me.

To start with Spencer would play fetch with me, but the ball was dropped just out of reaching distance from me. Definitely no touching! It took a lot of self control to not stroke him, he is so gorgeous! 

 Each session followed a routine so Spencer could predict what I was going to do. Nervous dogs usually do better when they know what's going to happen - because they have less to worry about.
Having that routine with Spencer finally paid off when one day he dropped his sopping wet ball into the palm of my hand and asked me to throw it again for him. 
I’ve never been so delighted to receive something so disgusting! 

Is your dog feeling jealous?
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