Saturday, 4 August 2018

Are you breedist? And why it's hurting your dog training

“Why bother teaching a husky to come when called – it’s not like you can ever let them off lead”

Actually, you should teach a rock solid recall (because life happens and even if you never plan to let your dog run free, one day that lead will slip out your hand, or the snap will break)

And you can let most dogs off lead with a little bit of common sense (yes, even deaf- blind dogs, huskies, malamutes and more)

*braces for the influx of emails and snarky comments*

Last time I talked to you about breedist views, it was about aggressive behaviour in cocker spaniels. 

Putting the snarling down to “being a cocker” or “having cocker rage” would have meant not treating the dog for a painful condition.

Today I want to suggest that deciding that because your dog is an *insert breed here* that there’s no point trying to train *whatever* just means you’re severely limiting what you AND your dog might be able to achieve.

Why not start from a place of open optimism AND work hard at your training – who knows what might happen!

From Mark with Nanouk the husky puppy

 Thought I’d share a little victory. So we always knew recall would be a challenge with Nanouk as she’s a husky and does make her own decisions. 

But I’m glad to say the coaching and work we did whilst at WCC paid off as she’s now (within boundaries) great off lead. 

We do have to think about where we do it (prey drive is v high) but as Kady told us, it is possible.

She’s now 8 months old - the 12 weeks she did at WCC with Puppy Foundations and Puppy Life Skills from an early age has really helped her be a lovely pup. So I thought you’d like to see how she’s got on!


What’s happening in WCC Land?

In a world filled with so many exciting dog activities it can be difficult to know which to try first, or even which one your dog will enjoy most!
Come to our Canine Activities Foundations Workshop (Sunday 9th Sept) and let your dog try out three of our most exciting activities; Parkour, Agility and Scentwork!

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Sports & Social Club, Sunday 19th August (2-4pm)
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Have a joyful weekend

Morag, the collie girls and the big yin

Ultra Canicross Runner, Firewalker, Clinical Animal Behaviourist

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