Thursday, 26 July 2018

Molly's Lunch n Learn plus an unexpected rescue operation!

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Canine client: Molly the Springer Spaniel

Service: Lunch'n'Learn "Out and About"

"Molly had been recently adopted and found the world super exciting! Luckily for Molly she had a dedicated owner so I was there to continue and progress her on with a few things. 

On one particular day Molly and I had been working on calmly passing people, dogs, super scents (Molly loovvess to sniff) when came the most unexpected test of self control....

A small fledgling suddenly flew from a hedge and hit Molly in the face, then lightly plopped on the floor in front her! 

Everything in Molly’s eyes told me that bird was toast. 

I asked Molly calmly “leave it, this way” and that’s exactly what she did!!

What Molly and I didn’t know was that the clicker had drawn the attention of the builders on their dinner hour, who gave us a round of applause and came to the little birds aid. 

We didn’t stop there either. Molly showed the utmost self control all the way home. Once the front door was closed and we had finished acting like obedience champions we celebrated with a game of find the cheese.

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