Sunday, 18 November 2018

How are you (still) running up those hills?

It’s a fair question.

For a number of years my running strategy has involved running on the flat and downhill sections, but always walking the hills.

So it came as a shock to my friends (and me!) when I was comfortably able to run all but one of the uphills in the Goathland 10K (Hardmoors) race on 10th November. And I still had plenty in my legs for the long downhill off the moors too.

I’ve wanted to feel able to run up hills for years, it’s been a marker for measuring my fitness. But it’s felt like a very distant goal!

And since my preferred distance is ultra (more than a marathon) running uphill isn’t often encouraged…

So what changed?

The Laird Factor + a change in training

I often say that canicross can be so much more than just going for a run with your dogs. When we get it right, there’s a feeling of flow between human and canine – you feed off each other’s energy and can predict where to put your feet/paws, and when to change speed.

That glorious in-sync feeling as you both lean slightly to take a sharp corner on the trail, legs extending and eating up the ground.

But what I’m finding now is that Laird is just powerful enough to give me a real lift when we’re running together. And Freya works beautifully beside him adding her strength plus a good understanding of the game (she deals with the navigation!).

Even the amazing Beauty & Beast don’t give me that much help running up hill (apart from making me feel guilty if I stop), but they are saving my strength on the flat and down hill sections, leaving me with more to power up those hills!

So, I need to practice running hill repeats especially on my own.

We need to practice consistent steady pulling especially on the flat. Consistent pulling is harder than you might think, and takes training. When your dog is rushing ahead then lagging behind it interrupts your running pace, and is much harder on your body.

Want to experience the ultimate runners’ high with your dog?

We have just 2 spaces left on the Introduction to Canicross Workshop, and 3 spaces left on the Improvers Workshop (Sun 25th November)

Or if you can grab an evening canicross class and join in the fun – you need to have done a little canicross previously and have a head torch too.

Happy Running!


Run More With Your Dog – Events Diary 

Tuesday 7pm Canicross Class 

Weekly classes in small groups working on essential skills at various locations around York.
You can still book individual classes - don't miss out on the fun of running in the dark and the mud!

Grab a Tues Cani Class

If you need to borrow kit PLEASE let us know in advance so we have everything with us.

Location (postcode)
Skills focus
Week 1
16th Oct
Heslington YO10 5EW
basics & running in the dark
Week 2
23rd Oct
Wheldrake Woods YO19 6BG
trail technique & passing
Week 3
30th Oct
Huntington YO32 9RE
consistent pulling
Week 4
6th Nov
Welburn Woods YO60 7ED
hill techniques
Week 5
13th Nov
Knavesmire YO23 1EX
race protocols, start line and sprints
Week 6
20th Nov
Heslington YO10 5EW
Commands, directions
Week 7
27th Nov
Wheldrake Woods YO19 6BG
Technique and directions on narrow trails
Week 8
4th Dec
Huntington YO32 9RE
Pace changes and building speed
Week 9
11th Dec
Clifton Ings (Rawcliffe Bar Park & Ride) YO30 5XZ
Consistency and pacing
Week 10
18th Dec
Knavesmire YO23 1EX
Mock race!

Sunday 8.30am CaniRun Social (Beningbrough Hall) 

Starts Sunday 2nd December, find out all about it on our Facebook group here:
This isn’t a formal event, no money needed, just the chance to run regularly and grab a coffee afterwards.
You must have suitable kit and be capable of a 5k run (walking is allowed!).

Introduction to Canicross (half day workshop) Sun 25th November 

Want to really enjoy running with your dog?
Come and learn the essential skills PLUS individual kit fitting and testing

Canicross Improvers Skills Session (half day workshop) Sun 25th November 

Want to boost your teamwork?
Polish your start line skills?
Sort out your overtaking?

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