Monday, 26 November 2018

Canicross Yorkshire Resources (updated 21 Feb 2019)

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A few folk were asking for resources and links so here they are....

General resources

Running vests/packs we have used and loved, but there are lots to choose from! Kalenji is a decent low cost brand to check out too.
  • Ultimate Direction PB ADVENTURE VEST 3.0
  • UltrAspire Backpack/Race Vest: Omega

Poo bag carriers -Dicky Bags!
lots of colours and sizes to choose from

Usually the best place to buy kit online is K9TrailTime

Canine physio therapist

Hannah Theakston - we love her! 

Our Yorkshire Canisports FaceBook group

Look for second hand canicross kit here

More training?

Want to repeat a workshop, or move up a level? We never repeat any session exactly so you're guaranteed to come away having learned something new every time!

Weekly classes: Tuesdays @ 7pm
  • Weekly Canicross classes start in various locations around York, with a specific skill focus for each week.
You DON'T have to be super fit or running far to join in, but you WILL need a headtorch!

get all the information on classes here:

CaniRun Social  Sundays 8.30am

An alternative to Parkrun - a regular loop approx 5k, run with dogs in harness up to 3 dogs per person

Meet at the free car park and run with a friendly group of people and dogs - this is not a guided run so do make sure you have all the kit you need and directions!

January 2019 - currently we're meeting at Allerthorpe Woods - all the information you need is here

You MUST have a suitable harness, bungee and waist belt. Carry water for your dog, and remember to pick up all poo!

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