Monday, 5 November 2018

Why you should escape to the country

No, I can’t come out to the pub/go for dinner/visit you at home for the next two weeks if it's in the evening...

That’s what life is like when you have a noise sensitive dog around the 5th of November.

I’m lucky, even though Freya is worried by some loud noises, she’s dramatically better than a couple of years ago thanks to a combination of training and supportive medication.

And she’s never been as bad as my first collie Finn was.

When we have had the usual random fireworks in the area, I’ve gone for the “silly happy voice + treat shower” as usual.

I also tend to pop a Thundershirt on Freya as she finds the pressure helpful (your mileage may vary – so always be guided by your dog).

But I still opted to escape to the country (Wensleydale in fact) this weekend because it made life easier for everyone.

Plus it reduces the chance of Freya getting more worried, or passing on her fears to anyone else in the family.

I really hope your dogs have survived the worst few days without too much trauma, and don’t forget to be careful in the evenings for the next weeks as the left overs are let off.

What to do if your dog found it really hard this year
  1. Starting planning to go away over the worst few days next year now – seriously, this can make such a difference 
  2. Make an appointment with your vet to discuss the problem - you will need a survival strategy for New Years Eve 
  3. AND get a referral to a clinical animal behaviourist – we can help your dog feel less terrified but it takes time, lets start making things better for 2019!
If you want to find out more about your options, and what a behaviour modification programme includes, you can still access the recording of our practical seminar from March

Meanwhile, what’s going on in WCC land?

Sunday 11th Nov at 2pm Sunday Sports & Social

A relaxed informal get together where you can train your dog among friendly people, and eat lots of cake! Tell us you’re coming by clicking HERE!

Saturday 24th November 

Two half day clicker training workshops to brush up on your skills before the winter really sets in.

  • Train Your Dog Like a Dolphin for people new to clicker training
  • The Art & Science of Clicker for the pro trainers! 
Click HERE for more information

Fingers and paws crossed for a peaceful week for everyone,

Morag and the Beasties

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