Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Why sciatica has been a blessing for this dog trainer

Rosie is a gorgeous, enthusiastic young labrador.

Life is unbearably exciting, and Rosie can't wait to be over there already.

Which means she pulls on her lead.

A lot!

Rosie's mum came to "Stay by my Side", our three week intensive training class to work just on getting Rosie to walk more calmly.

We cover three core skills in these classes, and help our dedicated teams really put them into practice.

Since there's only ever two students per class, you get plenty of personal support and feedback.

Which is how we learned that sciatica may just have been the secret advantage in my own loose lead walking programme!

In case you don't know, sciatica is a nasty kind of nerve pain that tends to shoot from your bum down the back of your leg.

It is seriously horrid, and tends to be made worse by bending, or sudden jerking movements. So a dog that pulls on their lead is about the worst thing ever.

I put a lot of effort into teaching my dogs to walk nicely, but don’t forget I also want them to pull when in running harnesses and helping me up hills.

That kind of distinction takes consistency, and short micro training sessions.

It means that we need to make sure that pulling doesn’t “work” for our dogs.

Look at the picture below – can you see how even though the handler hasn’t stepped forward the dog has still gotten at least two feet closer to what they wanted?

Bending at the waist, leaning forward, stretching out that arm…

I am NOT in any way suggesting we use the lead to correct or pull back the dog – but being mindful of where our hand is (by your side or belly button) and your body position (relaxed and upright) can help our dog to understand that pulling DOESN’T get them closer to what they wanted.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this simple tip – try it out and let me know how you get on!

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Wed 21st November 6.40pm Stay By My Side 

Aching shoulders, sore hands and feeling like a power lifter after a walk? Want to try something different?

Last three week intensive for Loose Lead Walking this year starts 6.40pm, Wed 21st November at Murton

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