Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Just how anti-social are your dog walks?

Walking down the railway line at night.

Hoping that it’s late enough, dark enough, raining enough, that no one else will be out walking their dogs.
The screaming cacophony that erupts when your dog spots another canine around the corner.

The embarrassed half smile you share with the other owner as you wrangle your dog past, wishing that there was something else you could do.

Let’s face it, it’s really not fun to be the person holding the lead when a dog loses their mind.

It might be excitement, frustration, fear or anxiety – but it looks and sounds horrendous!

And it’s not much better when you’re on the receiving end.

Lots of dogs get upset or join in if another dog barks or lunges at them. Now we’ve got two or more dogs who are getting progressively upset!

WCC’s top tips to cool the situation

If your dog might start the barking (on lead, on a walk)

  • Avoid narrow paths and walks without easy escape routes
  • Consider using scentwork games and fun in the house or garden rather than walking at busy times
  • Carry super tasty interesting food to distract your dog with, and practice doing it when there AREN’T any other dogs around too
  • Move away from the other dog as soon as you can, turn and run away if you need to!

What to do if another dog kicks off at yours?

  • Use a cheery voice and distract your dog with some treats (having another dog bark = tasty food)
  • Smile, breath and practice feeling compassion for the owner of the other dog
  • Move yourself and your dog out of the way
  • Keep your dog busy and focused on you if the other dog is passing close by

I hope your late night walks are calm and relaxing, but just in case they’re not you might want to book into a Rehab Club date for some extra help.

Happy walks

Morag and the WCC Team

What’s going on in WCC Land?

We’re back from our short break (and birthday celebrations for Clare & Morag) so it’s all systems go for the new classes and sessions.

Rehab Club

Open to anyone who has completed at least a 121 session with us already. Suitable for dogs who struggle around other people and/or dogs whether worried or excited. These are small group sessions lasting 2hrs with refreshments and supportive coaching to get the best from you both.

Running monthly on Sundays (South Cave) and Tuesdays (South Cave & York), the next club is on Sunday 14th October 

Rehab Club Dates

Sunday Sports & Social Club

A relaxed friendly group of WCC peeps who get together to share cake, drink tea and even do some dog training. We’ve space and equipment for most dog sports plus great trails for running or walking.  South Cave venue.

Next Club date: Sunday 14th October 2pm
Tell us you’re coming, and get a reminder with directions

I’m coming to Sunday Sports & Social

Canicross Classes (Tuesdays @ 7pm)

If you’ve ever fancied trying to run with your dog, or taken part in an intro workshop but failed to make it a regular habit, why not sign up for our weekly Canicross Classes!

You can book just one or two classes, or grab the whole ten week block and get a discount (use this code COMMITEDCANI-X to get one session free).

New to canicross? You MUST attend week 1 for an intro and kit fitting.

Classes start Tuesday 16th October, 7pm

You DON'T have to be super fit or running far to join in, but you WILL need a headtorch!

Canicross Classes

Location (postcode)
Skills focus
Week 1
16th Oct
Heslington YO10 5EW
basics & running in the dark
Week 2
23rd Oct
Wheldrake Woods YO19 6BG
trail technique & passing
Week 3
30th Oct
Huntington YO32 9RE
consistent pulling
Week 4
6th Nov
Welburn Woods YO60 7ED
hill techniques
Week 5
13th Nov
Knavesmire YO23 1EX
race protocols, start line and sprints
Week 6
20th Nov
Heslington YO10 5EW
Commands, directions
Week 7
27th Nov
Wheldrake Woods YO19 6BG
Technique and directions on narrow trails
Week 8
4th Dec
Huntington YO32 9RE
Pace changes and building speed
Week 9
11th Dec
Clifton Ings (Rawcliffe Bar Park & Ride) YO30 5XZ
Consistency and pacing
Week 10
18th Dec
Knavesmire YO23 1EX
Mock race!

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