Friday, 19 October 2018

All of the illness, and all of the activities too

Hello everyone!

The year of poorly canines has been continuing…Freya’s toe seems better and she’s back to running again while Laird is fully recovered and back to being a teenager *sigh*, but Bronte has been showing a whole range of unusual symptoms – our very own medical mystery.

After lots of tests we have the beginnings of some answers, but still a few more to do. The good news is so far nothing’s untreatable. I’m waiting to find out if there is any bad news!

In between living at the vets, and the usual WCC stuff, I’ve also started teaching my yearly Research Skills & Statistics students (online MSc course).

So for anyone who hasn’t heard back from me recently, that’s why, and I do appreciate your patience.

But as always, life does indeed go on, and we have plenty of things you can do with your dog right now.

I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

Morag - a slightly tired ultra canicrosser and the poorly Bronte

What’s going on in WCC Land? 

Rehab Club is back 

York (Tuesday) and South Cave (Tues and Sunday)

Do you need a bit of dedicated help with a dog that’s over excited or scared around other dogs?

We offer 90 min small group sessions with our behaviour team

Check Rehab Dates

Three Week Intensive Classes – more dates, more content! 

Yorkshire Museum of Farming, Wednesday evenings

We’ve had such good feedback from these sessions, and requests to run them more often and for new topics. As always, your wish is our command (ish!).
  • Stay by My Side (loose lead walking skills) starts Wed 31st October with Morag
  • Mind Your Manners *NEW* (all about self control) starts Weds 31st October with Morag

We will be releasing weekday slots for these classes very soon…keep your eyes peeled for the next update!

 Three Week Classes - Book Here


Clicker Training Workshops with Morag **new** 

York, Saturday 24th November 

Get clicking: Train your dog like a dolphin! 

Come and learn...
  • Why it’s quicker with clicker 
  • Mechanical skills required to be a great clicker training 
  • Get started with the basics (shaping, targeting etc)

 Get Clicking! Book Here

 Clicker Pro: Mastering the art and science of clicker training

This workshop is aimed at those of you who've got the basics and now want to take your clicker skills to the next level.

We'll look at:
  • Shaping - how to build behaviour, where and when to reward for faster learning 
  • Chaining (forward and back chaining) - for more complex tasks 
  • Target training - adding duration and distance plus more....

 Clicker Pro - Book Here

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