Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Technology - friend or foe?

I came back from holiday to find my diary looking a bit different

Some appointments had been rescheduled and a couple more had been popped in.

None of it was done by my lovely office manager, nor had I snuck on during my holiday to make the changes.

Instead it was all down to technology!

We’ve been trialling an online booking system for initial phone consults, follow-up calls and some of our other sessions.

It lets clients see our availability, book their session, and MOST importantly sends a confirmation email to the client that includes a reschedule link.

So rather than having to contact me to change a booking, the client can do it themselves.


Now technology isn’t always our friend, and today there have been at least two small snafus in our systems (I promised to be honest with you right at the start of these blogs, emails and webinars!). 

But overall, adopting some key techy solutions has made my working life much easier to organise, and it’s cut down on mind numbing admin too.

What could you trial in your business to claim back valuable time and brain space?

Next webinar

Thursday 11th October – Gotta Love the Tech

We’ll be exploring how you can use technology to streamline your business processes, follow-up more regularly with your clients and work remotely to save on travel time among other ideas.

No tech experience is needed to attend!

Accessing the recordings for longer

I’ve had several requests from people who haven’t been able to finish listening to the recordings within the 30-day limit. And I appreciate that you are working hard to manage your own work/life balance!

So, I’m going to compile the recordings and extra resources for all of the webinars into one online space. I just need to work out the details, and it means if you missed signing up for any webinars then you can add them on too.

This won’t be available until the end of December at the earliest so please do try and catch up with the recorded versions in the meantime.

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