Thursday, 4 July 2019

Running without my dog ? Are you crazy?

Last Sunday Laura and I spent several hours running, stretching and doing a variety of weird and wonderful things in the name of becoming a (slightly) better runner . . . .thanks to Jason + Kim Cavill and Ryedale Canicross.

And I was strongly reminded of the amazing weekend I spent in the Forest of Dean two years ago learning techniques from Anthony le Moigne – one of the top European cani-crossers.

What both sessions had in common was the idea that to improve as a cani-crosser we also have to run dog less *weeps*

At least some of the time!


Because canicross is about more than being dragged along by your dog, it should be a team effort.

That means you need to work hard, run efficiently and be a good partner.

But let's be honest.

Most canicrossers start running because they have dogs.

Some of you might have been keen (or indifferent) runners before your dog arrived, but for many of us the reason we run IS our dogs.

The idea of going for a run AND then still having to walk the dogs doesn’t really appeal – I mean who has that much free time on their hands ?

So what are your options ?

  1. If your dogs can safely go off lead, remove harnesses and free run the dogs when you need to focus on your own skills e.g. my dogs don’t need to do hill repeats but l definitely do…. 
  2. If you can’t unleash your hounds because they might never come back or just because of livestock, why not run with a buddy and take turns to run dogless? 
 Not even the keenest dog wants to be dragging an awkward lump behind them – so we owe it to our amazing dogs to up our running game.

That means running efficiently rather than braking the dog’s forward momentum every time you take a stride. It means increasing your cadence and driving from the gluteal muscles (your bum).

Are you willing to take the dogless training challenge?

Get posting in the FB group or hit reply to this email!

 Morag, Freya and Laird 

#beautyandthebeast # Laird the Enabler #ultra_collie

P. S. Don’t forget to SAVE THE DATES for our September adventure at Fryup Dale in the North York Moors [14th/15th September 2019]

P.P.S  Not sure when too hot really is too hot to run your dog? Check out this interview with Dr Anne Carter and Emily Hall MRCVS who are leading research into how dogs cope with the heat.

Up Your Running Game (three week skills intensives)

Canicross Intensives: This way, that way (15 July 2019)

Sick of shouting directions that fall on deaf furry ears? Want to stop running into trees because your dog lost track of the path?

"This way, that way" introduces directions including turns, moving over and building to a verbal command.
  • Maximum two dogs per session.
  • Handlers need to have completed a canicross intro session (workshop or 121)
  • Minimum dog age: 12 month
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Canicross Intensives: Get on by (5 Aug 2019)

Fed up with your dog getting distracted by every shiny, squeaky, smelly or scrumptious? Want to move through crowds or past dogs without getting tied in a knot?
"Get on by" builds up consistent forward focus, whatever the distraction.
  • Maximum two dogs per session
  • Handlers need to have completed a canicross intro session (workshop or 121)
  • Minimum dog age: 12 months
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Canicross Intensives: Descending without death! (9 Sept 2019)

Constantly scared of being pulled face first down that hill?
"Descending without death" works on core descending strategies from the safety of flat ground, looking at speedy and controlled options to find the best approach for you.
  • Maximum two dogs per session
  • Handlers need to have completed a canicross intro session (workshop or 121)
  • Minimum dog age: 12 months
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Morag, Freya and Laird

#beauty_and_the_beast # Laird_the_Enabler #ultra_collie

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