Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Help! My dog hates our new puppy!!

Introducing your existing dog to a new puppy can often go really well, they instantly hit it off and enjoy playing together, sharing beds and just generally rubbing along happily.

But sometimes it’s less straight forward, and the existing dog can have a hard time adapting to life with their new furry companion.

Scout doesn't want Summer to come any closer!

If your existing dog is finding living with your new addition challenging, there are things you can do to help them learn to live in harmony

Creating separate areas for each dog can be hugely helpful. Make use of barriers, crates or separate rooms to create a safe space for each dog. This is especially important during times dogs can’t be supervised.

Trailing lines and leads can be helpful in some cases, especially if one dog is more bouncy, confident or pushy than the other and it’s not easy to call them away or distract them.

Spencer isn't keen on being washed by a young Summer
Brush up on your observations skills and become an expert in observing your dogs, learn what appropriate interactions and play look like and when to step in and intervene.

It can take time for your existing dog to feel comfortable and relaxed around your new addition, don’t feel you have to rush the process and they need to be best friends from day one

Adding a second dog isn’t right for everyone, really consider if your existing dog is going to cope with a new addition

Poppy relents and lets a young Summer cuddle up to her

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