Monday, 29 July 2019

Deer proofing your recall + loose lead walking skills!

Laird is recovering well from his “jousting “ injury - the only reasonable explanation for the huge hole in his shoulder!

But while we can do a bit more exercise, it all needs to be calm and controlled.

Calm is not a word often used for 2yr old German Wire Haired Pointers . . . . .

So walking nicely even around distractions has shot up the priority list – being dragged by your dog is never fun, especially when its 36 kg of muscle doing the pulling.

Off lead Zoomies are also on the forbidden list which means more long lines. Extra tricky with frustrated-enthusiastic powerful dog. I’ve been experimenting with lines that pass through the front harness ring but connect to the top ring for safety.

As a wee treat after waiting patiently during a workshop, l wanted to take them somewhere interesting for a walk, but with minimal chance of deer - they are far too exciting for Laird.


Lets just say that 4 pm on a Sunday afternoon is prime time for deer on the water meadows by Fulford….

We saw a total of 5 deer at varying distances!

I was so glad Laird was on a line and we were able to walk away in some semblance of control.

There’s no magic secret or technique , just careful foundations built up over time.

How would YOUR dog have coped?

If the idea fills you with dread, consider signing up for a 3 week intensive course with me! We have two starting Monday 5th August, and more in September
  • Stay By My Side II (walking nicely on lead around distractions) 5th Aug
  • Baby Come Back I (coming back when called) 5th Aug
Find your intensive course here
  • Stay By My Side I (learning how to walk by your side consistently) 9th Sept
  • Mind Your Manners II (resisting temptation everywhere) 9th Sept

What’s on in WCC Land?

Open Day Sat 7th Sept

We’re celebrating TEN years of building better relationships with dogs . Come to our Open Day on Sat 7th Sept, Yorkshire Museum of Farming. Stalls to browse and FREE activities to try with your dog!

Classes in August

There’s NO workshops in August but we do have short courses on core skills  like recall or not pulling on lead, plus Get Tracking (starts Aug 5th) and Introduction to Bodywork (9th Sept)

CaniCross Survival Skills on Sunday September 15th

Morning - learn how to warm up and cool down effectively
Afternoon - start loving those hills with and without your dog to help

*Book both workshops and SAVE £10*

Location: Yorkshire Cycle Hub, Fryup Gill Farm, Great Fryup, YO21 2AP

Gundog + Herding Dog Workshops 

They start back from September  21st and we've dates booked in till 2020 so grab those spaces fast!
See the calendar here.

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