Monday, 1 July 2019

Bee stings and the magic of squeezy cheese

Poppy was stung by a bee at the weekend and has a poorly eye.

She needs eye drops twice daily.

Because we've done lots of handling and examination practice she allows Clare to apply the drops without any fuss in exchange for some squeezy cheese.

  • Would your dog be calm and tolerate eye drops? 
  • Do you dread vet visits because your dog won’t let you or the vet examine them? 
  • Does your dog run away when they see their brush or the nail clippers? 

Lots of dogs don’t really enjoy being groomed, and worry about vet visits.

In fact most vets are surprised when a dog greets them with a wagging tail, or offers a paw to be bandaged.

You know you need to groom your longer coated or doodle cross dog…but how often do you manage to do it?

No matter how young, fit and healthy your dog is right now, they are going to get old eventually.

Managing the ailments of the older dog is SO much easier if you can handle them.

(Bonus wee video all about why you NEED your dog to love being handled, and it IS possible to change their mind if they don't)

And when your dog is relaxed about going to the vet it opens up treatment options like veterinary physiotherapy or acupuncture alongside (or instead of) drugs.

Clare is running our first specialist class dedicated to helping your dog be happier about handling, examination and grooming.

Class starts Monday 15th July, and lasts 5 weeks.

You’ll set your own goals, and work towards them with expert individual support.

Even if your dog can’t cope in class, sign up as an auditor to take part and submit video homework for comments.

This is the ONLY time the class will run in 2019, so if your dog needs this help please sign up now. We really want to run the course, but we need two more people to make that happen!

Happy Handling

Morag and the sensitive FreyaCollie 

Freya's paw of doom collage!

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