Saturday, 17 August 2019

Celebrating Well Connected Canine's 10 Year Anniversary

Amazingly, it’s now 10 years since Well Connected Canine came into being as a business focused on making the relationships between us and our dogs that wee bit better.

Here are just a few of the things that you (our amazing clients) have said that living with your dogs has helped you to learn

Monkia and Bear - Bear has taught me how important is to be consistent , to believe in yourself and never give up despite of all difficult moments you can experience.

He made me realise how strong the love and the bond between a dog and a human could be and that there is no impossible goals if you really want to achieve them.

Lisa, Weasel and Grub - Weasel and Grub have taught me (and still learning) to appreciate their individual personalities, preferences and needs, and then to adapt for them. They tell us so much if we pay attention

Faye and Jack  - Jack has taught me so much it's difficult to choose the key thing. I guess that being totally 'hands off' is the most important lesson. There is never (except in extreme circumstances for safety) any need for physical coercion or restraint. I'm sure that even a dog that's not deaf can be taught to follow the direction of a kind hand. 

Lauren and Jacob - Jacob has taught me the importance of staying calm on the other end of the lead and also made me better at sticking up for myself (well, him) when other people insist that their dog is super friendly and should get to say hello to him 

We would love to hear more of your stories!

What have you learned from living with your dog or dogs?

What has training with Well Connected Canine added to your life with your dog?

What do you wish you knew the beginning and you would love other people to know when they start living with a new dog?

Official invitation

Come and help us celebrate our 10 year anniversary with an open day and lots of free canine activities on Saturday 
7th September, from 10am - 4.30pm at the Yorkshire Museum of Farming*

There will be a range of activities for you and your dog to try; 

  • harness the power of your dogs nose with have-a-go scentwork 
  • for dogs who love to climb and explore come and try Parkour (urban agility)
  • If you dogs loves to run give Hoopers a bash

There will be a selection of stalls for your dog you to do some essential shopping! 

The cafe will be open to give you an opportunity to rest and refresh before trying your next activity 

Come and catch up with the team and ask us your doggy related questions

We hope to see you there

Morag, Clare and the Well Connected Canine Team 


*normal entry fees to the museum apply, but if you want to go on the special guest list please let us know asap!

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