Tuesday, 4 September 2018

You'll never work a day in your life - I call bull sh*t on that!

I call bull sh*t!

Really, I do.

What does that quote mean anyway?

It sounds to me like it’s saying work is something we want to avoid, and the ideal job is one that doesn’t feel like work.

That might be setting us up for a big disappointment when we discover that “following your dreams” and “doing what you love” still means working long hard hours, and often with little money at the end of it.

And most models of human well-being include purposeful work as one element that contributes to our quality of life. 

But it’s NOT just about being a workaholic.

Do you have boundaries?

Do you make sure that fulfilling work is just one part of your life?

If you’re not sure, or your honest answer might be “hell no Morag!” then why not sign up for the next webinar.

Hard work can be fun work, but only when it’s a balanced part of our lives!

7pm Thursday 13th September

We’re going to be talking about setting boundaries, working more efficiently, using waiting lists, and generally making sure that you ENJOY the work you do.

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Not free on Thursday night? Don’t worry, sign up NOW to make sure you get the recording plus all the extra resources.

Some of the feedback from previous webinars in the series: 

You start to see your SERVICE (passion) and your BUSINESS separately. 1. Helping people and dogs, and 2. earning a living, are in a way two different projects, yet in another way are part of the same whole!

Professionalising the behaviour counselling business one webinar at a time! Can’t wait for the next one.

Just using a couple of tips from your webinar had my customer wanting to rebook before we'd even finished!

What did I love about your webinar? Great value for money, clear illustrations and communication throughout, genuine passion for your topic and a generous sharing of insights, experiences and support for best practice, ideas and truly an inspiration.

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See you next week!


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