Saturday, 1 September 2018

Winter is coming...

Darker nights, wetter walks, and cosy snuggles on the sofa with damp dogs.

Autumn and winter are the perfect time to work on small training games at home, especially if it saves you from yet another soaked-to-the-skin walk.

Some of our activity classes take a break over winter, because it’s not safe to run agility or parkour in the dark or on wet ground.

But for our canicross teams, the mud just adds to the challenge – who doesn’t love running on trails with a headtorch!

Winter class schedule

Bookings always open up early for everyone on our mailing list - if you DIDN'T get this as an email make sure you don't miss out by signing up for the weekly tips and news here:
Classes start in the second week of October and run until Xmas.

Mondays with Clare (10 week courses)

6.15pm Helpful Hounds – turn your pet dog into an assistance dog! Picking things up, bringing things back, closing doors and more.

7.15pm APDT Good Companion Awards – brush up on your obedience and good manners, plus work towards gaining your Foundation Certificate.

Mondays with Kady (3 week courses)

7.10pm Baby Come Back (recall intensive)

7.45pm Stay By My Side (loose lead walking intensive)

Tuesdays with Morag & Laura @ various locations around York!

  • Canicross Level 1 - a 10 week class to develop your canicross techniques, build on your teamwork and challenge you and your dog in a range of different environments. 
  • Participants who have not already completed an Intro to Canicross session MUST book and attend for week 1
  • Either book individual sessions OR
  • Book all 10 sessions and use this code COMMITEDCANI-X to get one session free!

Wednesdays with Morag

6.15pm Canine Sports Conditioning - This class will teach you how to observe your dog for your sport, work on core skills, learn how to warm-up/cool down, develop a massage routine and much more.

7.15pm Sniffing School Level 1 - designed to challenge your dog's nose and build your teamwork skills for searching in new and exciting ways. You need to have completed an Introduction to Scentwork session.

You can grab your space here, and don’t forget the discount code if you’re booking more than one class!

Too many choices?

Not sure which class to choose? Email me with your questions or ideas, and I’ll help you pick the right sessions for your dog! (

Sad WCC News

We were all heartbroken to hear that Clare and Al had to let Beano go last weekend. Beano was an extra special collie (totally deaf and blind) who was dearly loved despite his quirks. Beano became ill very quickly, but was surrounded by love and cuddles right to the end.

Grief is never easy, and we all deal with it in our own way. Please don’t ask Clare how she’s doing if you see her at class or workshops, and give her the space she needs. Thanks so much for understanding.

One of our other long distance family member also passed away recently. Some of you will have met Veronica and dear Ffion the amazing scentwork collie at our Scentwork events. They travelled further than anyone else to work with us, and they were a joy to coach. 

Ffion and Beano – you are always in our hearts, and we are so grateful for all that you taught us.

Morag and the beasts

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