Thursday, 20 September 2018

Confession - conversion rates make me giddy (Love Your Business)

Conversion rates make me giddy

Really they do. And I’m okay if that makes me sound even more weird than normal *grins*

Do you know how many initial contacts from potential clients turn into actual paid work for you? I mean email enquiries, phone calls, FB messages, random texts and the like.

Not just what does it feel like.

But what are the numbers?

How many enquiries did you deal with last month? How many of those paid for one of your services?

“Conversion rates” sound like suspicious marketing language, but they’re the life blood of your business especially in the early days.

Here’s an example of what we track in my behaviour business to calculate our conversions:

  • # initial enquiries sent screening info (email, phone, text, FB etc) & followed up
  • # enquires that pass screening, sent application form
  • # phone consults booked
  • # behaviour packages booked

We’ve been transitioning to a new accounting package since April 2018 and back dating a lot of our information too. This has given us a whole year of really detailed accounts – not just totals and figures that mean stuff to my accountant.

Combining the information on our income and expenditure for the “behaviour” workstream with the data we’ve collected on conversion rates means we can accurately predict how many (paid) initial phone consults we need per month to give us the right number of behaviour package clients!

I am unbearably excited about this!

No more guessing and estimating.

No more taking on too much work just in case, or too little work because of a false feeling of security because we were super busy one month.

Cold, hard, reliable data.

Today’s thought for you – do you track any of this data right now? It might be enquiries versus puppy class bookings, it doesn’t have to be about behaviour cases.

And if you don’t track it, could you start today. Just a simple excel spreadsheet would do. We can worry about complicated Customer Relation Management programmes later!

Happy number crunching....


UltraCaniCrosser, Firewalker, Clinical Animal Behaviourist

Next webinar

There’s a wee break in the schedule partly because I’m going on holiday – yep, taking my own advice and going away for a few days! Conveniently it coincides with our quarterly shutdown week when we stop taking on new clients and just catch up with ourselves, bliss.

Thursday 11th October – Gotta Love the Tech

We’ll be exploring how you can use technology to streamline your business processes, follow-up more regularly with your clients and work remotely to save on travel time among other ideas.

No tech experience is needed to attend!

Accessing the recordings for longer

I’ve had several requests from people who haven’t been able to finish listening to the recordings within the 30-day limit. And I appreciate that you are working hard to manage your own work/life balance!

So, I’m going to compile the recordings and extra resources for all of the webinars into one online space. I just need to work out the details, and it means if you missed signing up for any webinars then you can add them on too.

This won’t be available until the end of December at the earliest so please do try and catch up with the recorded versions in the meantime.

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