Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Looking for a first race? Or just want to get started canicrossing like a dreamteam?

Planning your first race can be scary – what if it’s overwhelming for your dog, or maybe they don’t want to run, or they pull so hard you go on your face in the mud….

We’ve all been there.

And it’s usually so much fun that you end up racing as often as you can! B

ut if you’re looking for a first race or just want the chance to run in a really supportive environment I can’t recommend the Checkendon Challenge series enough.

It does mean travelling but it’s totally worth it.

Sadly I can’t make it as I’ll be presenting at a canine behaviour conference instead – but get out there and have fun for me please!

Here’s all the information:

Meanwhile if you’ve yet to get started on your canicross adventures OR you want a bit more coaching on consistent pulling, safe passing and more, why not sign up for a half day Introduction to Canicross workshop just outside York.

The next dates are 17th February OR 10th March (9.30am start).

We’ll take you through finding the right kit for you and your dog, line handling and basic commands.

Practice it all on a group run and then come back to debrief over sausage rolls, coffee and cake!

Book Canicross Here

Last weekend was the first of the Hardmoors Trail Series. Laura and I ran the Saltburn half (actually just over 14miles) despite various injuries and illnesses.

It was Seamus’ first race at that distance and bless his little heart for trying. We’ve got some work to do on building up his endurance but it was a fantastic effort.

Meanwhile I discovered that the best pre-race day preparation for Laird is in fact 2 hours of free running in the woods. I was concerned he might have been rather tired on race day, but actually we had the perfect balance of enthusiasm but calm enough to hear my commands. A win all round!

Do tell us where you went running with your dog, and don’t forget the Sunday Social run is still on every Sunday morning at 8.30am as usual.

Happy Running!

Morag and the Beasts

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