Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Shut up and train!

This blog has been brought to you by the power of a sopping wet GWP beard…because I’ve finally made a concerted effort to implement the Level 2 Mind Your Manners exercises in my own home!

Laird is lovely.

I mean, for a now two year old, still mostly adolescent, enormous beast of a boy, he’s delightful.

But he does have a beard.

And moustaches.

And when he drinks, there’s a lot of soggy beard around.

Laird’s head is just the right height for resting on dining tables.

He doesn’t understand why I feel that’s a problem!

So for the last few months when I have eaten at my table (not as often as I should for sure), I’ve either popped him in his crate or just fended him off with one arm.

Not a smart move really, because as my clever readers will be shouting at me, that’s NOT teaching him what I want him TO DO at mealtimes.

So, today I made an effort and took the jar of mini-kibbles (an experimental purchase from Pets Pantry) along with my lunch and sat at the table.

Here’s the result after five minutes….

And yes, I have done a little work to help Laird love being in his crate.

But it’s a lot less than I meant to.

And I’ve never asked him to sit or lie down in it while I’m eating and the door is open.

What now?

Now I need to be consistent for the next few meals and stick to the plan.

If you want some help with the basic stuff that makes living with your dog more pleasant, why not sign up for a three week intensive boost on manners, coming when called or walking nicely on lead!

Happy lunchtimes, and may your soup always be beard free….

Morag and collie girls (who know this stuff), and the Big Yin (who is learning)

PS     Fancy something a bit different?

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You’ll learn how to choose the right kit for you and your dog, line handling and basic commands.

Practice it all on a group run and then come back to debrief over sausage rolls, coffee and cake!

What else is going on?

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