Saturday, 12 January 2019

Well that escalated fast! and why I've been in hospital

“I want you to go straight to A + E with this letter. They’re expecting you as an urgent admission. And I’d pack a bag for two days”

Was not what I was expecting to hear at 9.30am last Wednesday when I went to see my GP!!!

You’ll not be surprised to hear that my immediate response was that I really couldn’t do that, I mean who was going to look after my dogs to start with!
And I had clients to see, and……

Then it dawned on me.

Yes, the GP was being cautious, but the consultant on the phone had just agreed that I needed to go in asap for intravenous antibiotics.

(before anyone panics too much, I got unlucky when two cartilage piercings were knocked and became infected, I’ve had my treatment and it’s all under control) 

Thankfully, I recognised the signs of potential infection and went to see my doctor fairly quickly.

The last time I had a problem like this I delayed and put it off – and was very lucky indeed!

But would you know how to recognise the signs in your dog?

When you’re out on a walk, and suddenly your dog is covered in wasps, being stung repeatedly* would you know what to do?

If you’re not sure then grab one of the 4 remaining spaces on the Emergency First Aid seminar, 7pm Monday 14th January, run by qualified Vet Nurse and Dog Training Instructor Antonia Parkin RVN (venue: Yorkshire Museum of Farming)

Book First Aid

The evening will include information on what you should be carrying on walks, how to bandage your dog successfully, dealing with allergic reactions, plus much more...

So, I’d like to apologise to anyone waiting to hear back from me this week, and thank every single person who understood why we had to postpone the Bodywork + Relaxation seminar too.

If you missed out on booking it there’s still time – I’ve rescheduled to Wed 16th January and I’m really looking forward to seeing you there.

Teach your dog to Relax

Here’s hoping for a less exciting week, and may we live in less interesting times!

Morag, the collie girls and the Big Yin 

*yes that really did happen to me last summer, poor Laird was crawling in the wee buggers 

PS In case you were wondering, the girls stayed over with Laura, Keith, Seamus and Brian while Laird had THE BEST TIME EVER living with his Auntie Clare and his gundog cousins for a few days

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