Monday, 14 January 2019

"Hi Clare, I need to go into hospital today, can you look after Laird for a couple of days?"

"Hi Clare, I need to go into hospital today, can you look after Laird for a couple of days?"

Those words initially filled me with dread, not because I don't love the giant GWP goofball that is Laird, but because I didn't know how Spencer, my reactive German Shepherd, would cope with a strange dog in the house. 

"Yes, of course, that's fine, no problem" 
was my response, though inside I was slightly panicking!!
I knew my other  dogs would be fine, Poppy and Summer would just ignore him and Scout would just want to follow him around, imagining he was herding him. 

Spencer was my big concern, he's fine meeting tiny puppies but introductions to new adult dogs are done over several session usually taking a few months. 

I'm pleased to say that all my panicking had been for nothing and Spencer coped amazingly well with his new giant cousin, even having a few sneaky sniffs here and there! 
And here's the proof by day 2!

Spencer made me feel very proud of how far he has come and that all our hard work has paid off!
One of the things that really helped our training was being able to practice our skills in  real life situations, having set-ups that allowed us to progress and build Spenders confidence in a safe environment.

Clare and the slightly less scaredy GSD Spencer

Rehab Sessions

Our Rehab sessions give you the chance to practice your skills around other dogs in a safe environment, with additional coaching and support. 
Choose from Tuesday afternoon or Sunday morning sessions, in York (with Morag) or South Cave (with Clare)

*NEW* Scentwork for Reactive Dogs    Sat 2nd February 2019

Does your dog struggle to be calm around people or other dogs? 

This half day workshop introduces scentwork and how it can benefit your dog, including practical coaching, individual coaching and looks at how you can incorporate searches into your training and walks. 

Held at the Paw Park, Sand Hutton, York.  Please note, dogs will need to be able to settle in cars when not working.

Book Sniffing School for Reactive Dogs

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