Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Don't lose sight of how far you've come when you realise how far you have to go!

It’s the start of a new year, which tends to result in lots of retrospectives and a helping of unrealistic resolutions.

What we’re less good at is giving ourselves (and our dogs) credit for the progress we have achieved.

Clare posted about some of her thoughts and plans in our special WCC Rehab “virtual coffee and cake” FB group (you’re welcome to join if you use our behaviour services or attend rehab club)

The last week before Xmas was pretty hectic for me, and I’ll be honest I was dreading Laird’s last Helpful Hounds class.

The previous week had been rather eventful (one grabbed and bruised hand, stolen toys, complete inability to concentrate, and a total failure to complete any task). I’m so grateful to my ever patient class mates!

But for final week, Laird really did pull it out of the hat.

We opened doors (“shove” = push the nose target), we closed doors without breaking them (“tug it” = grab and pull the tuggy on the door handle), settled beautifully without stealing stuff.

And then the really amazing bit.

The dog that steals and eats basically any plastic related items…waited while I threw out a plastic pot before retrieving it to hand when asked *shocked*

Even better, when we went to the pub later on Laird managed to socialise calmly and even settle for 10 minutes without any non-consensual humpage! I think that because the girlies handle pubs perfectly, I forget how much work went into that bit of their training.

So, since Laird came home with me in May 2018, he’s made some pretty amazing progress.

Are we done? Heck no!
A brief Xmas trip to the Lakes emphasised that his interest in hunting has gotten much stronger, and we need to bring that under control asap. I’m not even going to start listing the things he ate, or the number of times he stole toys from my parents new dog.

 I’m looking forward to the next year with my UltraCollie Freya, ShoutyDog Bronte, and BigYin Laird – life is guaranteed to be interesting!

Are you thinking about next year's training goals?

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Happy New Year!

Morag and the WCC Team 

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