Monday, 21 May 2018

Apparently it's the season for new dogs joining families. Mandy welcomed lovely Molly a couple of weeks ago, my folks adopted a Beardie x Border collie last month and I seem to have acquired a huge beast of a boy called Laird.


No matter how experienced you might feel as a dog owner, I can promise you that a new family member always comes as something of a shock.

They do things differently, they react in new and exciting (or terrifying) ways...because dogs really are individuals first.

It's why we might mention a breed trait when you ask us "why does my dog do that!", but really it's just as much about who your dog is as a unique personality.

You can expect some truly hilarious updates as I dive into living with an adolescent (15 month old), huge (42kg) German Wirehaired Pointer. And I promise to video the best bits too!

If you're bringing home a new family member who isn't a puppy, I strongly recommend this book (available as hard copy and e-book).  It's simple, straightforward and a brilliant reminder of what to plan ahead for.

Patricia McConnell "Love Has No Age Limit"

What's going on in WCC land

Do you want to build a better relationship with your dog, and have fun doing it? Everything we offer is designed to make your life with your dog better. Here's just a few of the activities we have coming up (weekly classes will open for enrolment next week)

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Introduction to Parkour with Sian                                                    Sunday 8th July 2018
Shipton by Beningbrough

The workshop will cover everything you need to get started; including teaching tricks in small stages, building enthusiasm, building confidence and the key skills needed for Canine Parkour.

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Canicross Skills & Adventures with Morag & Laura                   Sunday 3rd June 2018
Fryup Dale, N York Moors

Coached 5k trail run in the North York Moors, plus essential training in how to enjoy climbing hills and descend safely - without death! A full day of learning and playing with your dog, including delicious cakes and a tasty lunch from the Yorkshire Cycle Hub

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Are you a trainer? A class assistant? Or would you like to be?         Sat 16th and Sun 17th June

Shipton-by-Beningbrough (nr York, UK)

We're running just one Teaching With Confidence course this year

If you want effective strategies to help you communicate with your clients, the chance to practice in a supportive atmosphere and detailed feedback - sign up now!
The course works well for people who work in small group settings with plenty of learning to support individual sessions too.
  • £165 for two full days of teaching and resources
Find out more and see what other people say here

Ready to be challenged, taken out your comfort zone and discover how amazing your teaching and coaching can be?  Book now!

Have a fabulous week,

Morag, the collie girls and the big yin

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