Tuesday, 8 May 2018

All the WCC news and a special request

The best place to start is probably by apologising - I've been so busy for the last few weeks I've not sent out the regular weekly email despite all my best intentions.

Before I get started, this is the second last email you're going to get from me UNLESS you sign up to the new mailing list. If you want to get priority notification of new workshops and classes, weekly training tips and more please so tell us what you want to hear about. https://wcc.clareassoc.com/signup/

If you've already signed up - thank you! 

All change!
We're all moved into the new venue (Yorkshire Museum of Farming, Murton Farm Park) and loving the extra space. On Mondays we have three classes running simultaneously - Parkour, Agility and Puppy Foundations :-D

The team is growing as you may have noticed. Debbie is now helping out with our Agility and Puppy programmes while Kady is working with us as an assistant trainer. We still have room for a couple more volunteers if you want to get involved, see here for details: http://wellconnectedcanine.blogspot.co.uk/2018/05/be-our-dogsbody.html

Canine updates
Lovely little Brian who lives with Laura, our Office Manager has recently had knee surgery. We'd noticed very occasional lameness and when it was all checked out it turned out his knee wasn't put together quite right.
Brian is recovering well and enjoying trips out in his special buggy - he even came to class last week for snuggles.

Freya is doing well with the van and we're managing trips out now *hurray*. Much to my surprise Project Squirrel is also doing well - all those boring local walks with extra training seem to be paying off!

Activities and seminars
Sadly neither myself nor Laura made it to the Wales or Scotland Canix Furnations races due to vehicle problems and canine illness BUT there's still Cannock at the end of the month. I'll be out at Dalby this coming Sunday too for the race, so do say hello.

I had a super time presenting at the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors conference. I was sharing just what makes deaf and partially sighted dogs play in such unusual ways with some practical strategies to avoid misunderstandings. Sadly I couldn't squeeze in a live demo with Bronte, but since there was a sign language interpreter on stage too it's probably just as well.

Clare and Sian have been brushing up on their Parkour CPD, and we have an Introduction Workshop planned (Sunday 8th July - booking opens soon but only to the NEW mailing list) plus a secret adventure weekend that includes Parkour, Scentwork and Canicross or Cani-Hiking challenges in the North York Moors...

And that's still only a tiny bit of what we've all been up to!

I hope you've enjoyed the extra bank holiday sunshine, and managed to keep your pups cool too.

Morag and the collie girls

Don't forget, if you want to keep hearing from us with priority notification of new workshops and classes, weekly training tips and more please sign up to the NEW mailing lists. https://wcc.clareassoc.com/signup/

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