Monday, 26 June 2017

Hiding from thunder, drooling as the rain batters down

If you dread the sound of summer thunder storms, or come home early from work around Bonfire Night so your dog can toilet before it gets dark, you probably live with a noise sensitive dog.

Loud noises can be downright terrifying for some dogs, and it's an insidious problem as the fear spreads from gun shots or fireworks to include thunder, loud rain, slamming doors and more.

It was one of the biggest problems I had to work on with Finn (my first ever rescue collie). He went from being worried about fireworks to panicking over thunder, low flying jets and at one point refusing to toilet outside in the dark for over a month. You could say it was a steep learning curve!

There are no quick fixes for this kind of problem, and if there were I promise I would share them with you.

But there are some tested strategies that can really help your dog to cope better. That might include supplements or even medication, but simple preparation and training ahead of time can make a big difference too.

If you want to help your dog be less scared of loud noises, and release that knot of tension in your own stomach, come to our evening workshop on Wednesday 5th July at 7pm, Wigginton Old School Hall.

There are just 7 places left, and you'll get practical action tips plus a goodie bag, discount vouchers and refreshments!

Don't wait till November to try and fix the problem - get help now.

Morag and the collie girls

Noise Fears & Phobias - How to Help your Dog
Wednesday 5th July 7pm to 8.30pm (Wigginton)
Book your place now as we have limited spaces
Ring Vets4Pets York on 01904 658 201 to book and pay
Tickets cost £10 per family (max two people) includes refreshments + a goodie bag

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