Monday, 3 July 2017

Crow-scarers, whose bright idea were they anyway?!?

I mean, I know they might be useful for farmers but *insert sweary words of choice here* seriously!

You’re enjoying a relaxing walk with your dog across the fields, watching them sniff for rabbits, and then


so close it felt like someone shooting at you.

No wonder your dog panics. Starts running home, or panting with wide eyes.

Does your heart start jumping?

Do you feel that knot of anxiety in your stomach as you work out the distance to get back to the car?

Some dogs are just scared of fireworks, but lots of dogs get a bit worried about other loud noises too.

The bad news is that if you just ignore it and hope things will get better – they usually don’t. I’m working with two lovely dogs right now who were a bit sensitive as pups but now have full blown noise phobias and can’t even go on normal walks any more.

The good news is that there’s lots you can do to help a worried or scared dog. I know because I’ve gone through it with two of my own dogs, and helped over 50 other dogs to cope better in a noisy world.

How you can help your dog:

The first step is to find out how bad your dog’s fears really are. Take this short FREE quiz to find out and get suggestions about what to do

If you want to know more, come along to our evening seminar (Well Connected Canine + York Vets4Pets) this Wednesday (5th July) 7pm, Wigginton Old School.

I’m going to explain what makes a fear different from a phobia, look at the natural and behavioural treatment options available and help you write an action plan for your own dog.
We have just 3 places remaining – phone Vets4Pets York on 01904 658 201 to book your place. Ticket price is just £10 for two family members, refreshments, goodie bag and vouchers for behavioural health checks and a phone consultation.

Don’t delay – it’s only FOUR months until bonfire night and the fireworks season starts…

Morag and the collie girls 

(part of the reason I have two deaf dogs is because my first collie had such serious noise phobias)

PS if you live too far away to come to the seminar, you can always chat to us about working via Skype. All you need is enthusiasm and a reasonable internet connection and I can probably help you. Email to apply for a consultation.

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