Monday, 5 June 2017

Trembling and hiding under the sofa

Finn used to really hate thunder storms. He’d shake and tremble, drool and pace around the room. For a moment he’d settle squeezed in between the back of the sofa and the wall. Then another rumble would send him searching for an escape.

Finn found lots of noises scary, from thunder, to loud rain, crow-scarers, noise of a football being kicked and of course, the dreaded fireworks from late October through to January.

You might not know that Finn was my soul dog. The troubled collie that helped guide me towards becoming a behaviourist, and pushed me up a very steep learning curve.
Eventually after a lot of hard work, Finn only minded the really big noises and he could cope or even relax through the smaller bangs. Loud rain no longer meant a week of anxiety, and I stopped having to rush home from work if there was a thunderstorm.

Noise fears and phobias are insidious nasty things.

They creep up on you, and suddenly you realise that your dog who was never that keen on fireworks now won’t toilet outside in the dark.

Maybe you already knew your dog was scared. 

Or maybe the big thunderstorms last week reminded you.

You can change that fear. You can help your dog to be less terrified.

If you’d like to learn more about how to help your dog cope with scary noises and especially fireworks, come to our education evening:

Wednesday 5th July 7pm to 8.30pm

Ring Vets4Pets York on 01904 658 201 to book and pay

Tickets cost £10 per family (max two people) and include refreshments + a goodie bag

Venue: Wigginton Old School Hall, max 20 attendees

Presented by Morag K Heirs PhD, Clinical Animal Behaviourist, in association with Vets4Pets York

Don’t wait till October or November to get help!

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