Monday, 19 June 2017

Your dog wants you to work from home in hot weather

Working from home means you can keep doors and windows open, replenish the ice in water bowls, re-soak cooling coats and swop out cool mats.Oh, and maybe do some work too!

I’ve decamped downstairs to my dining table as the upstairs office is stifling. We’ll be having ice lollies (for me) and frozen chicken feet (for the collie girls) this lunchtime.

Don’t forget that dogs are smart, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still try to chase a ball in the hot sun! Instead use frozen kongs for their meals (cooling and challenging) and try out TD Scentwork in the cooler mornings or shady spots of your garden.

And although it might feel like a million years away on a sunny afternoon, it’s only four months until Bonfire Night.

Four months until the quiet evenings turn into a barrage of bangs, shrieks and screams from fireworks...

If you dread November just as much as your dog, don’t panic.

You can do a lot in four months to help your scaredy dog cope better with those terrifying noises.  

Come along to our evening talk and create your own action plan to start helping your dog right now.

Wednesday 5th July 7pm to 8.30pm (Wigginton)
Book your place now as we have limited spaces
Ring Vets4Pets York on 01904 658 201 to book and pay
Tickets cost £10 per family (max two people) includes refreshments + a goodie bag

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