Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Hey!! Owners!! Leave those balls at home!!

 Hey!! Owners!! Leave those balls at home!!

*extra points for anyone who can recognise the song I've blatantly ripped off, and the first person to email me will get a wee surprise gift for their dog...*

How many of you are taking balls, toys and chuckits out on your walks at the moment?

I bet fewer than usual.

And even when you do take the balls out, you're tossing them into water, or letting your dog carry rather than chase them.


In case you hadn't noticed, it's really hot right now.

I mean, I'm Scottish and that means I am not well adapted for, well, sunshine! And definitely not repeated days of hot dry sun.

But at least I can wear lighter clothes, angle the fan and choose not to go running at lunchtime.

Dogs are one of my most favourite animals. But they're not always super smart.

So if you throw the ball repeatedly and use that chuckit, even in the warmest of conditions most dogs who love their toys will keep racing to catch it.

Even as they move from over heated into danger of heatstroke territory.

It's up to us to help our dogs make smarter choices and stay safe

So, let's start a wee public information campaign to #leavethoseballsathome

Happy week from me, the Collie Girls and the Big Yin


What's going on in WCC Land?

Did you miss out on our Canine Activity Foundations class for the next block? Or did the dates not work for you? No need to feel like you're missing out, because Clare is leading a whole day of Canine Activities and Fun on Sunday September 9th

A workshop for those who want to know more and try out some of the different activities we offer!  We'll cover Core Skills; Parkour Basics; Agility Foundations and Starting Scentwork. 

Advance notice - the Helpful Hounds workshop is back so if you missed out last time don't delay in booking your space for Sunday 21st October

Check dates and book workshops

Don't forget to tell us you're coming to the Sunday Sports and Social Club this month - we welcome ALL breeds, and we promise a relaxed atmosphere with the chance to learn more about your dog.  

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