Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Sounds to make your heart sing

*creak, creak*

Maybe it’s just me, but I love the creaking, scrunching sound that snow makes under feet and paws.

Snow days (and weeks) can be tiresome, cold, difficult and downright dangerous.

But they’re also pretty magical.

Suddenly the same walk takes on a new appearance.

There’s buried snow hides for the girls to sniff out, and seasonal parkour opportunities.

The collie girls always seem extra energised when we have snow on a walk, as though all the smells are different.

Freya spends as much time as possible upside down (while also trying to eat the snow!).

And Bronte collects snowflakes in her ear feathers *swoon*

Taking the time to explore a local walk in different weather conditions can be super rewarding, and much safer than trying to travel too.

I hope you’re managing to enjoy the snow, and don’t forget to wash the salty grit from fluffy paws after pavement walks.

*creak, creak*
Morag and the Collie Girls

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