Thursday, 15 February 2018

Are you listening?

We choose to share our lives with one or more amazing dogs. We ask our dogs to put up with many human foibles, and we control every aspect of their life.

Not feeling in control is strongly correlated with feelings of anxiety. When our dogs feel anxious, they might try and hide, or they might growl/snap to say they can’t cope.

Giving back just a little bit of control can make all the difference.


For Freya, she plays games where SHE makes the noises, rattles, engine starting happen.

For Scout, he tells Clare when it’s okay to do the next (probably uncomfortable) physio exercise.

This is more than just training. This is building a relationship of trust and communication.

Essential requirements

  • A willing human
  • A dog
  • Some experience of learning and training together – where the dog can experiment, build their confidence and learn to make choices

If you want to build a better relationship with your dog, the best way is to learn together. 

Have fun. 

Build joyful experiences. 

Don’t make it all about the serious stuff!

You can come and play with us at the following events:

Sunday 25th March Parkour Intro one-day workshop with Sian     

Monday 26th March 7-8.30pm  Noise Fears – Practical Help 

a seminar for humans without dogs

Book Noise Fear Seminar

Saturday 7th April Dog Training Fundamentals one-day workshop with Morag   

Have a wonderful week, and don’t forget to listen to your amazing dogs!
Morag and the Collie Girls

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