Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Warning - unexpected visitor!

I always take a quick look out into my garden before releasing the hounds - usually to check for unsuspecting squirrels or excessively brave cats.

On Sunday however I was puzzled by the long tail I could see waving through my neighbour's veg garden.

Definitely too big and chunky to be a cat....

It was the lovely wee terrier cross from two doors down exploring the "extension" to his garden!

Don't forget to keep checking your fences in this weather, and polish up on your Rocket Recall too.

From a windswept York

Morag and the beasts

What’s going on in WCC Land? 

Weekly classes
  • APDT Good Companion class at 18:30 FULL
  • APDT Good Companion class at 19:30 FULL
Wednesday evening puppy workshops
  • Baby Gun Dog Games - Wed 4th March Book Here
  • Baby Hoopers - bookings open soon!
  • Baby Parkour - bookings open soon!

Workshops & Activities

Parkour really is the activity for all occasions and we have a brand new Parkour Challenge in the Wild workshop in February. This is a half-day workshop.

Sniffing School - Getting Started
The short workshop will help you and your dog to sniff together like professional detection teams. Your dog will choose from a food scent or a specially scented toy while you learn how to harness that incredible snozz. Core handling skills, individual feedback and support - there's no better way to spend a Sunday morning!  This is a half-day workshop.

Hoopers - Try a new sport for 2020!

Canine Hoopers is a fantastic low impact dog sport suitable for all ages and breeds of dog. It uses similar skills to agility, but is suitable even for young dogs or those who have retired from jumping. This introductory session will  introduce you and your dog to the key pieces of equipment; hoops, barrels and tunnels. This is a half-day workshop.

Herding Dog Games returns for March

Does your dog crouch, stare, fixate or chase stuff?
Ever feel like you've just been herded round a walk?
Are other dogs puzzled by your herding dog's behaviour?

During this half day workshop we'll be learning about the special quirks of the herding dog brain and incorporating games designed for  them into your training to help build focus, steadiness, recall and the start of control at distance...plus more!  Open to all breeds of dog, not just collies!
This is a half-day workshop.

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