Monday, 3 February 2020

How to impress your (canine) physiotherapist

Summer (Flat Coat Retriever) and Clare recently inspired their fab physiotherapist to dig out her own clicker...

Summer has recently had to start doing some physio exercises (nothing serious to worry about!), so we’ve been working with an amazing new physiotherapist  Frankie from Yorkshire Animal clinic, while our usual physiotherapist Hannah (Theakston Physiotherapy Services) is on maternity leave. 

Frankie has been giving us some specific homework exercise to work on, these exercises include asking Summer to put her feet on a variety of different objects and having her move or change positions. 

Summer absolutely loves doing her physio exercises, and not just because they involve getting lots of treats (though I’m pretty sure that is a significant factor!), putting her feet on different object and moving while she is on them is something Summer has practised since she was a puppy, so for her she’s just playing dog parkour games. 

When Summer was just over a year old, back in July 2018, we attended a Canine Parkour workshop run by our very own Sian. Summer learnt lots of skills that have come in super handy for our physio exercises.

  • Two feet on
  •  Four feet on
  • Confidence on unstable surfaces
  •  Self-control  
  • Feet in objects 

We think Parkour is not just a great activity for having fun with your dog (which it totally is) but is a really useful way to build your dog’s confidence, in ways that might not be apparent straight away! 

Physio often asks our dogs to move or stand in unusual positions, make use of neglected muscle groups, and cooperate with some pretty weird requests.
Voluntary participation is super important!

Don't forget we're still looking for the best multi-dog Parkour Picture to use as the WCC FaceBook cover - post your submission here: 

Happy posing,

Morag & Clare for Well Connected Canine

What’s going on in WCC Land? 

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Workshops & Activities

Social Skills for Dogs That Struggle are running in smaller groups, more often! See all your options to the end of March, there's at least four sessions per month now

Parkour really is the activity for all occasions and we have a brand new Parkour Challenge in the Wild workshop in February

Sniffing School - Getting Started
The short workshop will help you and your dog to sniff together like professional detection teams. Your dog will choose from a food scent or a specially scented toy while you learn how to harness that incredible snozz. Core handling skills, individual feedback and support - there's no better way to spend a Sunday morning!

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