Tuesday, 10 September 2019

New member of the team

The well connected canine team has a new member, meet Quest

Quest Adventure Ross

She’s an 8 week old working cocker spaniel and a new addition to our family. We are absolutely in love with her. My dogs on the other hand, not as much!

Poppy, Spencer, Summer and Scout are not really sure about the new addition yet!

Scout (Border Collie) just wants to herd her, so follows her around moving from side to side as he moves behind her. We’re interrupting when we need to and limiting how much he practices this behaviour, as I’d prefer him to relax around the puppy rather than constantly watching her every move.

Poppy (Cocker Spaniel) is pretending she doesn’t exist, she’ll tolerate the puppy being around her, and even lying with her, but will tell the puppy off appropriately if she starts to jump on her or bite her ears. We’re making sure Poppy can escape the puppy if she wants to, but the puppy is being pretty respectful so we don’t need to step in too much.

Summer (Flat Coated Retriever) thinks the new puppy is OK. They’ve had some really nice play together. Summer has been gentle with her and even self-handicapping during play by lying down so they can have little wrestling sessions. She’s not been doing her usual body slams and neck grabs, it’s nice to see that she’s able to moderate her play style for the puppy.

Spencer (German Shepherd) is still a bit concerned about her. He spends his time avoiding her and sniffing her when she’s not looking or asleep. For such a large dog is really is a worrier. The puppy isn’t really pestering him, so we’re just supervising and making sure he has a safe place to move away to if he needs it.

My dogs could easily find this new addition overwhelming, especially Spencer. He can be quite an anxious boy, and used to really struggle with meeting new people and other dogs. He still shows some signs that he feels uncomfortable when the puppy approaches him, like turning his head away, avoiding her or moving away, but I’m really happy he is able to make those choices as they tell me is coping much better than he used to, previously he would bark and charge towards something which worried him.

Spencer being brave while the puppy sleeps!
If you’ve got a ‘Spencer’ – a dog that struggles – don’t forget to check out the exciting activities and sessions we’re running specifically for dogs that can’t cope in standard class or workshop settings yet.

Practical skills sessions for dogs that struggle

These group sessions are specifically designed to progress the training you've already started with one of the team, in a safe and secure environment. 

Social skills sessions are designed to help your dog to learn to relax around other dogs and/or people, whether they are a frustrated greeter (I think I want to be your friend) or a wallflower (I want to be alone) 

Social Skills for Dog that Struggle - I want to be alone

Social Skills for Dogs that Struggle - I think I want to be your friend?

Essential Skills is a 4 week class working on some of the core skills required for having more enjoyable walks with your dogs, including; recall, loose lead walking, settle and emergency stop & escape. 

Essential Skills for Dogs That Struggle (4 week class)

Activity classes and workshops, because all dogs deserve to have fun :) 

Activity Foundations for Dogs That Struggle (4 week class) 

Introduction to Sniffing School for Sensitive Dogs 

Parkour Progressions for Sensitive Dogs

Parkour Fundamentals for Sensitive Dogs

Happy training

Clare, Poppy, Spencer, Scout, Summer and Quest 

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