Tuesday, 30 January 2018

What did you get up to last Sunday?

I bet it didn’t include climbing into the jammed boot of a landrover, dismantling a crate, and then taking the back panel off while trying to dislodge the key…

So our first Sunday Social was a little bit more full of challenges than we expected, but there was definitely plenty of cake and activities going on!

From searching trucks

To Rally and TEAM

With some agility

And improvisational scentwork/parkour combos

In fact I think the only things we didn’t do were canicross (Laura and Morag ran two workshops on Saturday, and their dogs demanded a day off!), and tracking – but we have a whole field for that next time.

If you’d like to get in on the Sunday Social fun, our next get-together is on Sunday 18th February at 2pm, and then Sunday 18th March after that.

Open to anyone who has trained with Well Connected Canine if your dog would enjoy social activities

Let us know if you’re coming by clicking here:

Thanks for coming and having more fun with your dogs!

Morag, Clare and Laura

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